Naturpark Hotel Köllnitz

Hotel and gas­tro­no­my in an eco­lo­gi­cal­ly mana­ged natu­re reserve


Groß Schau­en, from 2018


Hotel, restau­rant, fishe­ry with smo­ke­house, manu­fac­to­ry and farm shop, aqua­po­nics and small agriculture


Total area approx. 10,000 sq m


South of Stor­kow, 50 minu­tes from Berlin


The natu­re reser­ve of Groß Schaue­ner lakes is loca­ted south of Stor­kow, 50 minu­tes away from Ber­lin. The 1,000 hec­ta­re area has five con­nec­ting lakes and is finan­ced by the Heinz Siel­mann foun­da­ti­on. Lar­ge­ly undis­tur­bed by human life, many nati­ve fish spe­ci­es such as pike perch, pike, eel and tench as well as otters, bea­vers, sea eagles, ospreys and many other ani­mals can be found.


Artprojekt is the trans­fer­ring com­pa­ny of the tra­di­tio­nal com­pa­ny Fishe­ry Köll­nitz sin­ce 2018 and will lead the com­pa­ny tog­e­ther with the pre­vious owners. The exis­ting hotel will be upgraded and exten­ded and the fishing indus­try will get tech­ni­cal inno­va­tions. Com­ple­men­ting a small orga­nic farm, the place beco­mes a fish and farmland.