Artprojekt Developments

The parent com­pa­ny as an eco­no­mic foun­da­ti­on and think tank


The parent com­pa­ny com­bi­nes entre­pre­neu­ri­al free­dom with com­pe­ten­ces and capa­ci­ties for the deve­lo­p­ment of new con­cepts, pro­jects and busi­ness are­as. This is whe­re trends are tra­cked, ide­as are eva­lua­ted and inno­va­ti­ve public-oriented pro­jects and pro­ducts are deve­lo­ped and brought to mar­keta­bi­li­ty. Stra­te­gic alli­an­ces are for­med and the deve­lo­p­ment of the exis­ting group of com­pa­nies is plan­ned, finan­ced and mana­ged. This cen­tral divi­si­on also forms the strong con­nec­tion to the arts and cul­tu­re sce­ne, which Artprojekt sup­ports on many levels.


Sin­ce 1995, Artprojekt has been deve­lo­ping and rea­li­zing real esta­te pro­jects with a floor space of approx. 450,000 sqm and a total volu­me of more than € 1.3 bn. Artprojekt Real Esta­te GmbH deve­lo­ps loca­ti­ons, pro­jects and pro­duct con­cepts inde­pendent­ly or in coope­ra­ti­on with exter­nal partners.


Selec­ted deve­lo­p­ments are: the awar­ded “Paul-Lincke-Höfe”, Germany’s first loft pro­ject that con­ver­ted indus­tri­al fal­lows into a Kreuz­berg mix of resi­den­ti­al and indus­try lofts; the Nico­lai Gar­dens in Pots­dam, a mul­ti­ge­nera­tio­nal living con­cept with barrier-free apart­ments and family-friendly town­houses; and the Kur­park Kolon­na­den in Bad Saa­row, with five com­mer­cial and apart­ment buil­dings to revi­ve the city centre.


At pre­sent pro­jects with an invest of € 600 m and a floor space of approx. 200,000 sqm are in the plan­ning (May 2019).


Foun­ded in 2016, Artprojekt Hos­pi­ta­li­ty GmbH is dedi­ca­ted to bring for­ward inno­va­ti­ve hos­pi­ta­li­ty con­cepts inclu­ding a uni­que collec­tion of self-operated hotels and restau­rants. To date, one hotel and three restau­rants are alrea­dy in service.


In 2018, Artprojekt Farms and Fishe­ries GmbH, ano­t­her branch was star­ted to focus on future-friendly con­cepts in the agri­cul­tu­ral and fishing indus­try. Wit­hin this endea­vour, Artprojekt is now ope­ra­ting a fishe­ry, plan­ning aqua cul­tu­ral pro­duc­tion and acqui­ring agri­cul­tu­ral land.