In architecture everything is a part of everything else, as it is in real life.

Peter Zum­thor


The anci­ent Greek under­stan­ding of archi­tec­tu­re is foun­ded on the three princi­ples of sta­bi­li­ty, usa­bi­li­ty and beau­ty. What could be more forward-thinking that to con­struct modern buil­dings accord­ing to the­se princi­ples? Artprojekt’s sustain­ab­le pro­jects, which com­bi­ne las­ting value, attrac­tive design and unusu­al usa­ge con­cepts deve­lo­ped in coope­ra­ti­on with both up-and-coming and renow­ned archi­tects, are doing pre­cise­ly this.


As prac­titio­ners of the “mother of all arts”, today’s archi­tects can make use of all of the tools avail­ab­le – from pain­ting, sculp­tu­re and land­s­cape art to video, lighting and media art. Artprojekt brings toge­ther archi­tects and visu­al artists right at the plan­ning pha­se so they can clo­se­ly coor­di­na­te their work and ensu­re they are on an equal foo­ting as the pro­ject unfolds. The resul­ting inte­gra­ti­ve and, thus, sustain­ab­le solu­ti­ons fol­low the com­pa­ny phi­lo­so­phy of “buil­ding with artists ins­te­ad of deco­ra­ting buil­dings with art.”


This inte­gra­ti­ve princip­le also draws on the har­mo­nious embed­ding of a buil­ding in its urban envi­ron­ment as well as its natu­ral sur­roun­dings. No Artprojekt deve­lop­ment team is com­ple­te without land­s­cape and gar­den archi­tects. Their role in archi­tec­tu­re is beco­m­ing increa­singly important, for examp­le in the crea­ti­on of green courtyards and ter­races (in our recent Varn­ha­gen Palace pro­ject) or new pro­jects incorpo­ra­ting green buil­ding con­cepts.


The fol­lo­wing examp­les of pro­jects cur­r­ent­ly in plan­ning, under con­struc­tion or alre­ady com­ple­ted illus­tra­te the syn­er­gies of archi­tec­tu­re, art and natu­re that we at Artprojekt aspi­re to and achie­ve in the attrac­tive living spaces we crea­te.

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