Quartier Jules Verne

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Your own personal center of the earth

In recent years, ren­ting or buy­ing a home in Ber­lin has beco­me a much more expen­si­ve affair. This is lea­ding more and more peop­le to look to are­as that are not (yet) con­s­i­de­red tren­dy or cool. One such area is Rei­ni­cken­dorf, which is cur­r­ent­ly home to just under 250,000 citi­zens. With its first-rate infra­st­ruc­tu­re and out­stan­ding con­nec­tions to Berlin’s auto­bahn, federal high­ways, and S-Bahn net­work, this dis­trict has ever­y­thing it needs to be one of the first pla­ces peop­le look for an afford­a­ble place to live. Fami­lies in par­ti­cu­lar will find schools, day­ca­re cen­ters, and plenty of other uni­que offe­rings for par­ents and child­ren ali­ke, along with all the shop­ping oppor­tu­nities they need.


Loca­ted on a pro­per­ty com­pri­sing some 22,000 squa­re meters near the S-Bahn sta­ti­on Waid­manns­lust, Quar­tier Jules Ver­ne is set to give Ber­lin ano­t­her modern, barrier-free, family-friendly pro­ject desi­gned to accom­mo­da­te mul­ti­ple gene­ra­ti­ons. Its six char­ming struc­tures, which are to fea­ture pri­va­te lawns, lar­ge bal­co­nies, and sun­lit roof ter­races, will clus­ter around a small park at the cen­ter of the quar­ter. Fami­lies and cou­ples of all ages will have their choice of around 200 apart­ments to own and a fur­t­her 100 to rent. The plans for Quar­tier Jules Ver­ne also inclu­de a day­ca­re cen­ter.

Artprojekt is a part­ner of Reinickendorf’s local image cam­pai­gn