Prenzlauer Gärten

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Com­ple­ted in 2008 based on plans desi­gned by Ber­lin archi­tect Ste­phan Höh­ne, the “Prenz­lau­er Gär­ten” as Berlin’s first town­house pro­ject with 61 town­houses and 64 apart­ments were the first resi­den­ti­al spaces in the city to com­bi­ne urban living with pri­va­te yards and a wider natu­ral set­ting. While the soci­al and cul­tu­ral buzz of down­town Ber­lin are just minu­tes away for par­ents to enjoy, the more than 100 kids living at the com­plex get all the fresh air they need play­ing with fri­ends both at home and at Volks­park Fried­richs­hain, which lies just across the street.