Paul Lincke Höfe

The Paul-Lincke-Höfe com­plex, germany’s first loft Pro­ject, which com­pri­ses 25 long-standing apart­ments and 116 lofts in the tren­dy Paul-Lincke-Ufer area of Berlin-Kreuzberg, was finis­hed in 2000. By rede­fi­ning the balan­ce of work and life for which this quar­ter is known, incorpo­ra­ting extra­or­di­na­ry loft archi­tec­tu­re desi­gned by Prof. Chris­toph Lang­hof, and adding in world-renowned fai­ry­ta­le gar­dens crea­ted by Ame­ri­can land­s­cape artist Mar­tha Schwartz, this pro­ject has beco­me one of the most famous of its kind in Ber­lin. Paul-Lincke-Höfe has gar­ne­red the “Das Gol­de­ne Lot” pri­ze as the best resi­den­ti­al pro­per­ty of 2001, along with ano­t­her award from the buil­ding and loan asso­cia­ti­on of Deut­sche Bank.