Marina Resort

Germany’s First Open Natu­re Resort


Bad Saa­row, from 2015


2 hotels, 2 beach lidos, 6 restau­rants, one port faci­li­ty as well as approx. 90 apart­ments and approx. 100 dis­coun­ted staff apartments


Total area approx. 40,000 sq m


In the south of Ber­lin, at the Schar­müt­zel­see, Artprojekt designs a leisu­re resort in coope­ra­ti­on with the archi­tects David Chip­per­field and Jür­gen May­er H. The­re are plan­ned two cura­ted hotels, a lido, four restau­rants, wee­kend and holi­day apart­ments and a mari­na with approx. 130 berths. The area has a size of 75,000 sq m.  In addi­ti­on, an attrac­ti­ve resi­den­ti­al com­plex with favoura­ble rents is built for the employees. The pro­ject remains pro­per­ty of the Artprojekt group with the excep­ti­on of the apart­ments and the mari­na and is ope­ra­ted by the com­pa­ny as well. The start of con­struc­tion is plan­ned for 2019, the ope­ning for 2021.


On a water plot of approx. 35,000 sq m on the other side of the lake, a second lido with ano­t­her restau­rant is created.