Spacious, newly built apartments with custom-designed doors, handles, and lighting

Com­ple­ted in 2012 with 17 apart­ments desi­gned by archi­tect Ste­phan Höh­ne, Ludwigkirch-Palais reflects a con­cept that incorpo­ra­tes his­to­ri­cal refe­ren­ces from the sur­roun­ding area. The “Lud­wig” in ques­ti­on is Lou­is IX, the French king after whom the near­by St. Ludwig-Kirche (a church that also hou­ses a num­ber of Lou­is XI’s holy relics) is also named.


In inte­gra­ting an ela­bo­ra­te instal­la­ti­on into the building’s com­mon are­as, Ber­lin Mar­cel Büh­ler has explo­red the cir­cui­tous jour­ney that even­tual­ly brought the king’s relics to St. Ludwig-Kirche. This pro­ject was also the first to make use of doors, door and win­dow hand­les, and exter­nal lighting desi­gned exclu­si­ve­ly by the Artprojekt group.