Bad Saarow - Marina Resort

In Bad Saa­row, Artprojekt has purcha­sed around 30,000 squa­re meters of water­front pro­per­ty on Schar­müt­zel­see, one of the region’s most popu­lar lakes. The group plans to trans­form the area into a luxu­ry resort com­pri­sing a five-star bou­tique hotel with its own swim­ming pool and spa, exclu­si­ve moo­rings for yachts, and first-class dining estab­lish­ments, as well as adja­cent pri­va­te apart­ments and holi­day resi­den­ces who­se owners will also be able to access the hotel’s faci­li­ties and ser­vices.


Pro­mi­nent London-based archi­tect Sir David Chip­per­field, who is also working with Artprojekt on the Palais Varn­ha­gen in down­town Ber­lin, was com­mis­sio­ned to plan the first pha­se of the rough­ly €80 mil­li­on pro­ject.