Bad Saarow - Kurpark Kolonnaden

Having acqui­red a num­ber of pro­per­ties among Bad Saarow’s his­to­ric train sta­ti­on, ther­mal springs, and the sur­roun­ding gar­dens, Artprojekt is now in the pro­cess of renewing the town’s cen­ter. The five sepa­ra­te buil­dings plan­ned – which will house a movie thea­ter, cafes, and small shops, as well as apart­ments to rent or own on the floors above – are to be con­nec­ted by a cove­r­ed colon­na­de. The mar­ket squa­re is envi­sio­ned as a gathe­ring place for smal­ler events, with pic­tures­que gar­dens and char­ming foot­paths roun­ding out the over­all ensem­ble. Well-appointed, ful­ly acces­si­ble com­mer­ci­al and resi­den­ti­al units are alrea­dy being sold now.