In 2014, Artprojekt acqui­red a pro­per­ty span­ning about 25,000 squa­re meters near Berlin’s Albo­in­platz with an eye toward deve­lo­ping its first major ren­tal apart­ment pro­ject. The pro­per­ty lies nest­led among resi­den­ti­al buil­dings built in the 1930s (most of which are now under land­mark pro­tec­tion) in a popu­lar neigh­bor­hood loca­ted next to a natu­re reser­ve and a small busi­ness park.


Sche­du­led to start taking shape in 2016, the Alboin­gär­ten hou­sing com­plex will even­tual­ly offer appro­xi­mate­ly 39,500 squa­re meters of floor space, enough for around 450 afford­a­ble ren­tal apart­ments. The­se units will fea­ture extra­or­di­na­ry archi­tec­tu­re, expan­si­ve out­door faci­li­ties, qua­li­ty (but not over­ly expen­si­ve) fur­nis­hings, and lay­outs that make effi­ci­ent use of space. The pro­ject is to ser­ve as a pilot for a series of endea­vors in which Artprojekt hopes to demons­tra­te that good archi­tec­tu­re and ima­gi­na­ti­ve appoint­ments don’t have to cost a for­tu­ne.