The Artproject group's team currently comprises 20 highly qualified traders, engineers, architects, and marketing experts with extensive professional experience in core areas of project development, land acquisition and construction, and the real estate industry, as well as further highly skilled and motivated employees.


Artprojekt is making preparations to take on the future, including by welcoming three of its managing directors on board as fellow partners. In addition to ensuring that our management team continues to identify with our company, this will safeguard both the continuity of our project management efforts and Artprojekt's strategic development over the long term.

The management board of the Artproject group
Thomas Hölzel

Thomas Hölzel
Founder, Managing Partner
Degree in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann)

Tobias Willmeroth

Tobias Willmeroth
Managing Director, Project Development
Degree in business administration (Betriebswirt, VWA)

Andreas Hild

Andreas Hild
Commercial Director
Degree in industrial engineering (Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur)

Thomas Vossebürger

Thomas Voßebürger
Technical Director
Degree in engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur)

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Thomas Hölzel

After obtaining a degree from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in his native Munich, Thomas initially worked as a freelancer in the field of marketing. In 1985, he then founded the Artprojekt group, which he continues to lead as the holding's managing partner today. Along with his in-depth knowledge of his chosen industry and market, Thomas's 30-plus years of professional experience make him more or less a seasoned pro when it comes to marketing and communications. His main expertise lies in networking, acquisition, concept design, project development, marketing, and sales management. Thomas serves as managing director of Artprojekt Entwicklungen GmbH and Artprojekt Wohnungsbau GmbH.


The background image in this photo of Thomas is from a video installation created by Peter Welz.

Maurice Freiherr von Dalwigk

Born in Bad Mergentheim, the economist graduated from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg before moving to Berlin. In Berlin he successfully worked in the management of well-known and notable companies in various industries. Most recently he was responsible for the overall workings of one of the oldest established manufacturers of luxury goods. He did international repositioning for this company, in addition to achieving other accomplishments. Since April 2016, Maurice Freiherr von Dalwigk has been a Managing Director at Artprojekt Entwickwicklungen GmbH, working on the conceptual and strategic development of the entire group.  He brings approximately 20 years of professional experience to the company, including a focus on business development, sales, marketing and finance.


In this pic­ture, Maurice is stan­ding next to a work of art by Mar­cel Büh­ler.

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Tobias Willmeroth

Since September 2014, Tobias - a project developer who was also born in Munich - has been Artprojekt's managing director of new business, project development, and institutional end-investor support. Following his studies and professional training in Augsburg, he worked alongside his father as a freelancer for a 20-year period in which the two developed numerous (mainly industrial) projects.


Tobias was photographed in front of two works by Jakob Mattner.

Thomas Voßebürger

After finishing his construction engineering studies at the nearby TU Braunschweig, Thomas Voßebürger worked in several capacities in construction, including as a foreman, supervisor, controller, project lead, technical director, and managing director. He spent around 16 years of his 26-year professional career at Bilfinger Berger AG, one of the largest construction companies in Germany. Having joined Artprojekt in 2009, Thomas has served as technical director of Artprojekt Wohnungsbau GmbH since 2010.


The image behind Thomas is a piece by Martin Zeller.

foto di matti
foto di matti

Andreas Hild

Andreas Hild joined Artprojekt as the group's commercial director in December 2012. Following a study program at TU Berlin, he worked for two years as a project controller, earning quality management certification in the process. Andreas then spent four years as a project manager at a well-known development company in Berlin, and another four as a project lead at TLG. From 2005 to 2012, he worked as an authorized representative and then as a managing director at an international development firm before making the decision to come to Artprojekt. Andreas took over the group's commercial direction in the fall of 2014.


Andreas was photographed in front of works by Astrid Kruse Jensen.

Greta Beckers

Greta Beckers completed her bachelor’s degree in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Afterwards, she gained comprehensive specialist knowledge in various areas of the gastronomy industry. During her professional career in Hamburg, Cologne and London, she became acquainted with all facets of gastronomy, from purchasing, catering for events, and running a kitchen right through to front-of-house service. Most recently, she worked as the Restaurant Manager in a well-known, fashionable restaurant in Hamburg. At Artprojekt, Greta is involved in the design and implementation of all gastronomic projects, and is assisting in the commissioning of the group of companies’ planned catering facilities.


Greta was photographed in front of a work by Christian Hahn.

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foto di matti

Tobias Bennert

Tobias has become a specialist in property development with 15 years' experience and more than 1,000 completed apartments under his belt. After he graduated with a degree in civil engineering, he initially worked as a construction and project manager for a property developer in Berlin. He then went on to acquire a great deal of experience working in the Nuremberg region as a project manager and deputy technical manager implementing monument restoration projects and managing the regeneration of industrial properties. He has most recently worked as a technical project manager in residential and commercial property development projects. Tobias is a native Berliner and has worked for Artprojekt as a technical project manager for residential and hotel property construction projects since June 2017.


Tobias was photographed in front of a work by Martin Dammann.

Wolfgang Dabisch

A born salesman with around 30 years of experience, Wolfgang has been putting his talents to good use in selling homes for Artprojekt since the summer of 2012. At present, he is mainly contributing to the marketing efforts for the projects Nikolai Gärten (Potsdam) and Kurpark Kolonnaden (Bad Saarow).


Wolfgang was photographed with an image created by Mar­tin Zel­ler.

Wolfgang Dabisch
Nicole Fiedler

Nicole Fiedler

Nicole, who joined Artprojekt as a commercial employee in the fall of 2012, brings in-depth expertise to the group following her 16 years in construction accounting. In addition to construction controlling, she has extensive experience in post-contract work. In her role as commercial project manager, Nicole oversees ongoing Artprojekt endeavors in the development and construction phase, as well as completed projects in the warranty period.


The sculpture next to Nicole is a piece by Frank Dornseif.

Fabian Freytag

Being at the point of interface between sales, project management and site management, Fabian is responsible for taking care of the buyers, and is concerned with the execution of residential and commercial units as requested. He benefits from his comprehensive knowledge of construction, which he acquired through working on numerous projects for architectural firms, interior designers and property developers. During his studies at Universität der Künste Berlin, he specialised in high-end interior construction.


In this picture, Fabian is standing in front of a work by Alex­an­der Wag­ner.

Fabian Freytag

Victoria Helbig

Victoria is a graduate engineer in residential and commercial property (university of applied sciences). She has extensive experience in managing projects relating to urban development, the environment and housing development. She has acquired a great deal of knowledge through her work with a variety of companies which has encompassed structural engineering, financial issues relating to the property market and legal matters. Until now, she has primarily applied this knowledge to the development of new construction projects and the refurbishment of existing buildings. Victoria works as a commercial project manager for the Artprojekt consortium and is responsible for active projects during their construction phases.

Manuela Hempel

Manuela is a qualified architectural draughtsperson and has more than 12 years' professional experience in the construction sector. She has chiefly worked for prominent architectural firms gaining experience in the construction of new residential and commercial properties. She worked as a technical and commercial assistant for a project management company for the past few years where she helped to ensure that critical cost and scheduling requirements were adhered to. She also provided support to the management team. Manuela brings to the Artprojekt team the considerable experience she has acquired as a technical assistant whilst seeing various projects through their construction phases.


Manuela was photographed in front of a work by Linda McCue.

foto di matti
foto di matti

Christian Herzog

After he completed his degree in architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in the year 2000, Christian initially worked in various planning offices before he went on to spend many years working in the property industry in London. Over the past few years, whilst working as head of sales for a Berlin property developer, he opened up the local property market to property investors, including a number of foreign investors who are becoming increasingly important. As a qualified architect, Christian is a key point of contact for our customers at Artprojekt and he oversees the whole process from the notarisation of the purchase contract through to project completion.


Christian was photographed in front of a work by Christian Hoischen.

Marlene Jaeger

After obtaining her bachelor's degree in real estate management from HTW Berlin and undergoing further training as a legal and notary assistant, Marlene worked for several renowned real estate companies, including Jones Lang LaSalle. There, she was a consultant responsible for leasing commercial retail space. She also had the opportunity to gain experience in project development, financing, and the investment business. In addition, Marlene spent 14 years honing her expertise in tenancy, construction, and property law. A native of Berlin, she has worked at Artprojekt in the project development since May 2015.


Marlene was photographed next to a work by Irene Andessner.

Jana Kaminiski

Jana Kaminski

Jana is a state-certified business economist with 22 years of professional experience in the construction and real-estate sector. Most recently, she managed internal operations for a project developer. At Artprojekt, she coordinates the accounting and administration of affiliated companies. In addition, she supports the management of the budget, credit agreement processing and purchase contract processing departments.


The image in the background of this photo of Jana is a piece by Phi­line von Sell.

Jürgen Klümpen

Jürgen is a trained chef and studied hotel management in Switzerland and the United States. With positions held in Munich, London, Mexico City and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, he has had an international career in the hotel and food & beverage management industry. His most recent project was the development and management of NENI Berlin and the Monkey Bar at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - one of the most successful gastronomic concepts in the city. At Artprojekt, as head of Food & Beverage, he is responsible for catering services and operational activities.


In this pic­ture, Jürgen is stan­ding next to a work by Joachim Jesgarz.

Jürgen Klümpen
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Nina Kränsel

In working as an executive assistant at the Artprojekt group since 2010, Nina's responsibilities have included sales support, marketing execution, and management of the entire office.


Nina was photographed next to images created by Hans W. Mende.

Romano Kroiß

With an engineering degree in building construction and building inspection, Romano has extensive experience as a project manager, construction manager, senior site manager and building expert that has been developed on an on-going basis over the past 25 years. Since November 2015, he has strengthened the technical area of Artprojekt Wohnungsbau GmbH. He is responsible for project control and project leadership of medium and large building projects.


Romano was photographed in front of two works by Anto­nio de Andres-Gayon.

foto di matti
foto di matti

Thomas Löbel

Since late 2014, Thomas has been a technical project lead responsible for overseeing Artprojekt endeavors in residential construction. After earning his degree in architecture at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar he held positions at numerous notable companies in Germany and abroad, including WestGkA, Steiner Gruppe, TLG, and Multi Development. Thomas most recently worked as a technical project lead at Stofanel, where he handled investment volumes of up to €400 million. Artprojekt is now benefiting from his 25 years of experience.

Dorit Lücke

A trained legal and notary assistant, Dorit spent several years at renowned property law firms. She subsequently was responsible for dunning and legal action in one firm's legal department, worked for a brokerage as a real estate assistant, and served most recently as an executive- and project management assistant. At Artprojekt Dorit is involved in realizing projects as a technical assistant.


This picture of Dorit was taken in front of a work of art by Antonio de Andres-Gayon.

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Nilhayat Merella

Nilhayat Merella

Nilhayat has training as an office administrator with many years of experience as a commercial associate. She is responsible for all of the group's accounting, and also supports commercial project management. In addition, she is the central contact point for accounting authorities, tax consultants, auditors and business partners for all matters involving accounting.


Nilhayat was photographed with an image created by Maxi­mi­lian Meisse.

Jörg Mieser

After studying architecture at the TU Berlin, Jörg Mieser initially worked for various planning agencies. Following his change to a corporate consultancy agency in the areas of architecture, construction and project management, he expanded his expertise as a graduate engineer for architecture. With his meanwhile more than 30 years of experience as a builder´s representative and in project support, he has recently begun supporting the art project group in the field of project development.


Jörg Mieser was photographed in front of a work by Alexander Wagner.

foto di matti
foto di matti

Andres Rockendorf

Andres completed his training as a wholesale and foreign import sales person before he began studying business administration in Berlin. After obtaining his Master's in Business Administration, he was active in various functions and industries, including as a controller, business director, authorised representative and managing partner. As Controller at Artprojekt, his expertise supports the commercial team and Managing Director Andreas Hild.


Andres was photographed in front of a work by Philine von Sell.

Franziska Scholz

Franziska has a specialised Marketing degree and gained her experience both at agencies as well as in the marketing & sales departments of various companies in diverse industries. Most recently she led marketing for a European-wide hotel chain. At Artprojekt, Franziska both is responsible for corporate communications and focuses her acquired expertise on the "Hotel & Gastronomy" area, which is currently being set up.


Franziska was photographed in front of two works by Anto­nio de Andres-Gayon.

Franziska Hartung
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Dr. Alexandra von Stosch

Since March 2017, art historian Alexandra von Stosch is responsible for the Art & Culture division at Artprojekt. From 1994 to 1997, she curated national public art projects in France, as well as the new art collection of the Société Générale, La Défense, Paris. In New York, she managed the International Center for Curatorial Studies from 1997 to 2001, with publishing and exhibition projects. Alexandra has been in Berlin since 2002 and teaches among others at Humboldt University of Berlin. She is a member of the board of directors of the Villa Aurora / Thomas Mann House e.V., as well as of the foundation board of Stadtmuseum Berlin. In 2015, she initiated Bauhaus Council Berlin e.V., the interdisciplinary platform for future discourse at Bauhaus Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung Berlin.


This picture of Alexandra was taken in front of a work of art by Ondrej Drescher.

Anja Taulien

A trained office administrator, Anja has been serving as an administrative assistant and the main point of contact for the Artprojekt group's undertakings in her native Bad Saarow since early 2015.


The image in the background of this photo of Anja is a piece by Peter Welz.

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