Quartier Jules Verne


Artprojekt is a partner of Reinickendorf's local image campaign


Your own personal center of the earth

In recent years, renting or buying a home in Berlin has become a much more expensive affair. This is leading more and more people to look to areas that are not (yet) considered trendy or cool. One such area is Reinickendorf, which is currently home to just under 250,000 citizens. With its first-rate infrastructure and outstanding connections to Berlin's autobahn, federal highways, and S-Bahn network, this district has everything it needs to be one of the first places people look for an affordable place to live. Families in particular will find schools, daycare centers, and plenty of other unique offerings for parents and children alike, along with all the shopping opportunities they need.


Located on a property comprising some 22,000 square meters near the S-Bahn station Waidmannslust, Quartier Jules Verne is set to give Berlin another modern, barrier-free, family-friendly project designed to accommodate multiple generations. Its six charming structures, which are to feature private lawns, large balconies, and sunlit roof terraces, will cluster around a small park at the center of the quarter. Families and couples of all ages will have their choice of around 200 apartments to own and a further 100 to rent. The plans for Quartier Jules Verne also include a daycare center.

Artprojekt is a partner of Reinickendorf's local image campaign