In 2014, Artprojekt acquired a property spanning about 25,000 square meters near Berlin's Alboinplatz with an eye toward developing its first major rental apartment project. The property lies nestled among residential buildings built in the 1930s (most of which are now under landmark protection) in a popular neighborhood located next to a nature reserve and a small business park.


Scheduled to start taking shape in 2016, the Alboingärten housing complex will eventually offer approximately 39,500 square meters of floor space, enough for around 450 affordable rental apartments. These units will feature extraordinary architecture, expansive outdoor facilities, quality (but not overly expensive) furnishings, and layouts that make efficient use of space. The project is to serve as a pilot for a series of endeavors in which Artprojekt hopes to demonstrate that good architecture and imaginative appointments don't have to cost a fortune.