Artprojekt pursues to create a symbiosis of architecture, art and nature.


Artprojekt was founded in Munich by our current CEO and principal shareholder, Thomas Hölzel, in 1985. Our company focuses on developing, marketing, and constructing high-quality properties that feature their own unique character. Moreover we are developing, constructing and planning to conduct hotels and restaurants. At Artprojekt's offices in Berlin, 30 highly qualified staff members from various fields are now working to blend art and architecture in a way that makes every project an experience in the highest level of modern building culture.

Here is a detailed look at how our group is structured

Our holding company serves as both the basis for our business and an umbrella for our group's concept.
This is where our expertise in and capacity for project development and marketing can be found. The company also identifies trends, evaluates ideas, and works on innovative products until they are ready for the market. Meanwhile, it devises creative means of financing, forges partnerships and additionally plans the overall group's strategic development.

The latest business area of the Artprojekt Group.
This is where the company’s demanding conceptional approach to the hotel and gastronomy sector is being transformed. The hotels and restaurants developed by Artprojekt (and soon to be operated by the company) will be characterised by outstanding architecture and landscape planning and will additionally involve prestigious artists and designers to ensure the sites created stand out from the competition, both in terms of appearance and conceptual content.

As the construction development entity of our group, this company is home to the people who know how to turn ideas into reality.
Developers, traders, technicians, and planners work hand in hand with external experts to ensure the professional realization of each residential construction project. From land acquisition, project financing and development, and commercial and technical management to the moment residents receive the keys to their new homes, this company handles the practical elements of every Artprojekt endeavor.

This company focuses on designing, planning, and realizing uniquely sophisticated interior concepts.
Here, accomplished architect Pia Hölzel (Dipl.-Ing.) and her team of architects and designers oversee the development of these distinct designs for their own projects, along with the planning and furnishing of entire apartments, houses, and hotels (or parts thereof) built by the Artprojekt group or other principals.

This third-party investment platform develops and manages concepts designed to offer external financiers sound opportunities to get involved in our group's projects.
When securing equity capital through the direct participation of partners proves infeasible, Artprojekt Immobilienchancen GmbH works in procuring and administering external capital, such as through one of Artprojekt's high-yield equity funds or profit-participating loans at attractive interest rates.


Artprojekt has made a name for itself as an innovative project developer and has received a number of awards, such as ‘Best Residential Property’ for Paul-Lincke-Höfe in Berlin, as well as for other sites within Berlin and further afield. The Paul-Lincke project is an excellent example of how we approach our day-to-day work: we always develop a customised, sustainable usage concept for every property to ensure it continues meeting the needs of its clients for many years to come. This approach is unconventional and thus time-consuming, but brings many competitive advantages and will undergo further transformation for the newly founded ‘Hotel & Gastronomy’ business area.



In addition to individualised project concepts, target-group-specific floorplans and flexible usage options, we also continually work at developing high-quality, proprietary furnishing elements, such as lamps and door handles. We place special value on a well-researched and authentic narrative for every building to enable it to blend in closely with the surrounding location. This narrative runs through every step of the architectural journey, breathes life into our properties long before completion and helps the tenants or owners identify closely with the new centre of their daily lives from a very early stage . Involving contemporary artists right from the start of the project design process is one of the key pillars of Artprojekt’s success, after all, what would an art project be without artists?



To date, the company has initiated projects in the property market covering around 390,000 m² in floorspace and more than a billion euros of investment volume. Further projects are in the pipeline and potential new areas of growth are being explored to ensure the company continues its positive growth trajectory.