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Berlin: always on the move!

For those who want to attract attention in the international art and culture scene, all roads lead to Berlin. Germany's capital boasts a level of inspiration and diversity that is virtually unparalleled across the globe. Its creative energy has an effect on people, encouraging them to make unique connections between seemingly disparate realms and dream up new ideas. Berlin has plenty to offer, including:














Berlin's incredible array of cultural activities also continues to provide the Artprojekt team with new inspiration for creating extraordinary modern architecture of superior quality. Involving contemporary artists from the start of each projects planning process is one of the integral elements of our group's own culture. This is how we keep our finger on the pulse of new movements, developments, and trends at the threshold between tradition and modernity. After all, there's a reason why our name starts with art!


In "Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin", Artprojekt has put together an annual event format that brings together contemporary architecture; the young, experimental cultural scene; and internationally established artists.

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  • Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin 2017
  • $100monthly
  • The Art + Architecture Weekend took place for the fourth time from 28 to 30 April 2017. More than 350 guests accepted the invitation to attend the Art Salon event at Giesebrechtstrasse 20. The event was organised by the Artprojekt consortium and was run in parallel with the Berlin Gallery Weekend. Personalities from the worlds of art, culture, architecture, media and business were inspired by presentations by up-and-coming architecture firm Atelier Zafari and by new works by contemporary artists including Martin Damman, Marcel Bühler, Ondrej Drescher and Christian Hoischen.




  • Open Event
  • Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin 2016
  • $100monthly
  • The organisers, initiators and members of the Artprojekt consortium were able to give a very positive review of the Art + Architecture Weekend event which took place from 29 April to 1 May 2016. Prominent representatives from the worlds of art, architecture, politics and the media, both from Germany and abroad, keenly accepted the invitation to come to Berlin to discuss current themes, trends and developments in a location where contemporary architecture, a young and experimental artistic scene, and internationally acclaimed art all converge. The Art Salon event drew on the traditions of the Berlin salon culture and created a platform that enabled over 300 guests who either practice or are interested in art and architecture to meet and exchange information and ideas.

  • Open Event
  • Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin 2015
  • $100monthly
  • Our 2015 event once again featured a mix of contemporary architecture; the young, experimental cultural scene; and artists recognized around the world. It focused in particular on artistic methods of designing attractive construction sites and embedding them in modern settings based on cutting-edge technologies and applications. Inspired by the salon culture of 1920s Berlin, many young artists took the opportunity to explore the subject of dialog in the context of art.



  • Open Event
  • Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin 2014
  • $100monthly
  • The 2014 edition of "Art + Architecture | Weekend Berlin" was devoted entirely to star architect Sir David Chipperfield, whose designs include the Figge Art Museum in Davenport and the award-winning River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames. In Berlin, Chipperfield has been commissioned to develop a  comprehensive plan for the Museumsinsel and the reconstruction of the Neues Museum. Having already collaborated with this visionary architect on Palais Varnhagen, this was more than enough reason for Artprojekt to give its select audience a closer look at Chipperfield's work.

  • Open Event


At Artprojekt, remaining as close as possible to the intersection of art and architecture has always been a key concern - not some mere marketing tool. A number of projects and artists have grown along with our company and gained international renown, including Frank Dornseif, Martha Schwartz, and Christian Hoischen.


For 30 years, the spaces the Artprojekt group has created have helped telling our story.